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October 2017
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Angus Buchan
Angus Buchan invites you to

Karoo Mighty Men 2013
26-28 April 2013
Once again we will be coming together in the Karoo to meet with God and I have realized like never before that without the power of God in our lives we will not finish this race.
The Lord revealed himself to me in a very special way last year on the 30th September in Israel at the Dead Sea when speaking to 4500 delegates from all over the world. He reminded me that He is real, that He is not a figment of our imagination. He is more real to me than you sitting there reading this newspaper at this moment and I really trust and pray that this years MMC Karoo will do just that, will remind us of who God is and that He is literally a prayer away and that we don’t have to run this race or fight this fight on our own. We need to call onto Him and He will answer us and He will show us great and mighty things of which we do not know. Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”
So look forward in seeing you at Renosterfontein!Yours in Christ
Oom Angus Buchan
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Reacting to reports of meetings held in Karoo towns by Shell, TKAG chairman, Jonathan Deal said yesterday that TKAG were aware of the recent tactics employed by Shell – referring to the meetings as underhanded. Deal cited an example of a meeting that took place in Murraysburg in February,well attended by people apparently informed in advance by a local municipal official. It is noteworthy, he commented, that there was no advance notice of the meeting in any public place, and that it appeared that only certain people were selected as the audience. In fact, five farmers from the Murraysburg area who did perchance find out about the meeting and attend, had no more than an hour or two of notice.
According to reports, when local farmer Chris Barr asked Shell about the purpose of the meeting, Shell responded that the meeting was to inform and update local communities. Shell was then asked, if that [to inform local communities] was the purpose, why was there no advance notice to the community about the meeting? After what was described by some as a presentation with no new information and no answers, the audience was treated to lunch courtesy of Shell. When presented with various opportunities in 2012, to present to an informed audience with TKAG present, Shell has declined to appear. The company has also cancelled scheduled meetings with national environmental organisations on learning that TKAG would be present.
“Our problem with this underhanded strategy is exactly the same issue we have had with Shell throughout their campaign to sell shale gas mining to South Africans – it is not open, honest and transparent to hold meetings in a town about an issue that affects everyone and only invite certain people,” he added. “What is more, in our [TKAG] experience Shell deliberately overstates benefits and downplays risk, just as they did again in Murraysburg – crucial questions relating to water-sourcing, transport and other issues were answered unsatisfactorily.” Deal said that it was very difficult for a non-profit organisation to compete with the well-funded propaganda machine of Shell and appealed to the public to report any similar activity by Shell or any other oil and gas company.
Meanwhile TKAG have confirmed that their legal team is briefed and ready to respond to any formal move by the government to issue exploration licences for shale gas mining. “A review of international media reports will show that there is a growing public awareness of and resistance to shale gas mining. We believe that Shell is trying to push the technology into South Africa, before the community fully appreciates the risk that fracking poses to the prosperity of this country.”

Massavergadering in

Cradock gehou

Inwoners van die dorp het verlede Woensdagaand hul ontsteltenis en vrees laat blyk by ‘n vergadering wat seker die bes bygewoonde vergadering was wat in baie jare op die dorp gehou is. Vrae is uit alle geledere gevra hoekom dit die polisie so lank geneem het om die vlaag van veertien inbrake wat uiteindelik op moord uitgeloop het, op te los.
Die byeenkoms is gereël deur Charles Featherstonehaugh, plaaslike sakeman, en Brigadier Madoda Zimkana, bevelvoerder van die polisie se Cradock “cluster” het die vergadering bygewoon om vrae te beantwoord en probleme wat die polisie ondervind, te verduidelik.
Zimkana het baie van hierdie probleme aan ‘n tekort aan personeel toegeskryf en verduidelik dat polisieskofte uit slegs 16 persone op ‘n slag bestaan. “Hierdie skofte is verantwoordelik om alle sake in Cradock, Michausdal, Lingelihle en 400 plase in die omgewing te ondersoek,” het hy gesê. Hy het bygevoeg dat dìt ook die probleem is waarom sigbare polisiëring, of polisielede wat in gewone klere rondbeweeg, nie gereeld kan plaasvind nie.
Die brigadier het ‘n ernstige beroep op die publiek gedoen om hulle samewerking aan die polisie te gee aangesien alle moontlike leidrade nodig is om misdaad op te los. Hy het gesê dat mense ongelukkig in die hedendaagse samelewing bang is vir weerwraak as hulle moontlik in die hof moet getuig.
Oor kommer wat tydens die vergadering uitgespreek is oor gerugte dat 40 prisoniers wat oorspronklik van Cradock is, aan die einde van die maand vrygelaat gaan word, het die brigadier die versekering gegee dat die polisie in so ‘n geval ‘n lys van name, adresse en identiteitsnommers sal kry en dat hierdie persone fyn dopgehou sal word.
Zimkana het ‘n beroep op inwoners van die dorp gedoen om die polisie in hul taak by te staan. Hy het hulle onder meer ook versoek om sekuriteit by hul huise op te skerp, hul bure te versoek om in hul afwesigheid die posbus gereeld leeg te maak en nooit dieselfde ligte vir dae aanmekaar te laat brand nie.
Hy het bygevoeg dat werkgewers baie keer nie eers die van, identiteitsnommer of adres van hul werkmense ken nie en gewaarsku teen persone wat onder die voorwendsel dat hulle werk soek, die omgewing kom bespied.
Zimkana het ten slotte ‘n uitnodiging aan die publiek gerig om enige en alle probleme wat hulle met die polisie ondervind by hom persoonlik aan te meld. Hy het sy selfoon se nommer aan almal teenwoordig beskikbaar gestel.

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