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October 2017
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Paul Collet is Eastern Cape’s 

Young Farmer of the Year 


Paul Collett was named regional winner of the Toyota Young Farmer of the Year at the 2015 Agri Eastern Cape Congress at Mentorskraal near Jeffreys Bay on Wednesday evening.

Collett, who hails from Speelmanskop near Fish River in the Cradock district, farms with Angora goats, Angus cattle and Döhne sheep as well as maize and lucerne.

This young farmer joined the elite 20-ton maize producers’ club last year when he produced 19,15 tons per hectare and won first prize  for the northern section of the district. He also reaped the overall honours in the Cradock District Agricultural Union’s Young Farmer of the Year competition in June this year.

In the provincial competition, his was one of many strong applications that were screened and subjected to close scrutiny during farm visits by the judging panel that included outgoing and incoming Agri EC presidents Ernest Pringle and Doug Stern.

Collett, who is also a member of the Fish River Agricultural Association, will represent the Eastern Cape at the Toyota Agri South Africa national awards ceremony later this year.

”It’s a great honour to win this award. It was quite unexpected,” said the 32-year-old, who holds a Masters Degree in aquaculture with distinction from Rhodes University.

”I want to encourage other young farmers to take part in this competition. The analysis I’ve done and the measurables I’ve had to think about and put in place have allowed me to develop my business,” said Collett.


Departement oneerlik 

en oningelig  oor Grootfontein-taalbeleid


Die Departement van Landbou, Bosbou en Visserye is oneerlik en oningelig rakende hulle voorgestelde taalbeleid vir die Grootfontein Landboukollege in Middelburg in die Oos-Kaap.

In die voorgestelde beleid sê die departement dat die meeste studente nie ‘n gemeenskaplike huistaal praat nie en dat alle onderrig om dié rede in Engels moet geskied. Die AfriForum Jeugtak op Grootfontein het egter vroeër vanjaar ‘n petisie onder studente by dié kollege begin waarvan 63% vereis om onderrig in Afrikaans te ontvang.

“Dit is duidelik uit die voorgestelde beleid dat die departement nie ‘n idee het wat die behoeftes van die studente is nie, en ook glad nie daarin belangstel om in hulle beste belang op te tree nie óf doelbewus hulle belange ignoreer in die naam van transformasie,” het Eduan Dupper, woord-voerder van AfriForum Jeug, gesê.

Die voorgestelde beleid weerspreek homself deur te erken dat dit belangrik is dat studente in hulle voorkeurtaal moet kan kommunikeer om komplekse onderwerpe te kan verstaan, en terselfdertyd te sê dat onderrig slegs in Engels sal geskied.

“Die meeste studente se reg tot moedertaal-onderrig word geskend om te voldoen aan ‘n klein groepie radikales se eise dat Afrikaans by die kollege moet verdwyn.”

“In dié geval is Afrikaans die slagoffer van soge-naamde “transformasie” omdat personeel wat slegs Engels-magtig is aangestel word om aan die departement se rasseteikens te voldoen,” het Dupper afgesluit.

Vultures and aviation

Vultures evoke strong emotions from many different individuals and walks of life, including those of enthusiastic pilots from large fixed wing aircrafts, helicopters to motorized and non-motorized gliders. Vultures are seen as the masters of the skies and have adapted to make use of hot air currents also known as thermals to soar and glide as they forage, commute and play in our blue skies. Pilots flying non-motorized gliders make use of thermals for flying as well and thus use vultures, if and where possible, to locate thermals for successful and enjoyable flights. Generally this is not a problem, however it does become a massive problem when pilots overstep their mark and fly too close to vulture breeding, roosting and feeding sites, causing disturbance, chick fatalities from chicks jumping too early and parents abandoning their nests, egg or chicks due to fear and anguish. The same happens for fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters when flying too low and too close to these selected and very specific sites which are easy to avoid..

VulPro therefore believes that no flying whatsoever should ever be undertaken at any vulture breeding colony and at roosting and feeding sites by any pilots, be it motorized or non-motorized, fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters.  There is ample space away from these selected sites and therefore there is no excuse

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High visibility policing dependent on 

SAPS members with valid driver’s licences 

An improvement in the number of SAPS members who have valid driver’s licences is good news for overall policing in the Eastern Cape. Over the past three years, the number of police officers without driver’s licences have dropped from 7 602 to 3 797 according to a reply to a legislature question I asked the MEC for Safety and Liaison, Weziwe Tikana.

However, the efforts of high visibility policing in this  province are still hampered by a shortage of vehicles and the 3 797 members of the SAPS who do not have driver’s licences. All members of the SAPS need to get to where the action is.

High visibility policing is dependent on SAPS members with valid driver’s licences. High visibility policing is recognised to cut the crime rate by up to 40%. This is a key ingredient of making communities feel safe.

When communities feel safe, they experience the freedom we should all have under our constitution. This freedom means children can play safely in the streets, women don’t have to fear being raped and all of us don’t need to barricade ourselves in at night as a safeguard against intruders. Where the terror exits of the criminal element there is no freedom.

The DA welcomes the K53 Driver and Learners initiative by SAPS in conjunction with the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) to train all SAPS operational members.

This programme must be rapidly expedited to ensure that the services rendered by the SAPS is the best it can be, especially when it comes to visible policing. Such critical services cannot be hampered by a shortage of officers who are able to drive.

The high crime rate in this province negatively impacts on the environment for investment and economic growth. Unless we can stamp out crime, jobs will continue to decline.

An effective police service is the first line of defence in keeping our society free from the scourge of crime.

The DA reiterates its view that high visibility policing along with rapid response units and a well-trained and -resourced police service will reduce crime and result in criminals being nailed and jailed.

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