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October 2017
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Community participation to combat litter Pieter snyman and I 2
Rosalee Bradfield and Mr Pieter Snyman of Oliver Tyres, at one of the 10 waste bins sponsored by the firm.
Community participation to
combat Litter
When DA Councillor of Ward 2 Rosalee Bradfield, approached Mr Pieter Snyman of Oliver Retreads for empty drums for use as rubbish bins in Somerset East. He informed her that he had this idea in his mind for some time. Killing two birds with one stone he has had 10 drums painted and placed in town with the Logo of his company on the drums as an advertisement. The Councillor contacted Nomsa Ngcipe, the Acting Community Service Manager, and received her enthusiastic co-operation. The existing drums will be taken off the street in batches and painted so as to make them look presentable and then returned. Unfortunately there is the on-going problem of the drums being stolen in spite of having holes drilled in their base.
A further problem is that some enterprises in town use the drums for their own garbage, and so they are often too full for the use of passers-by.
There is a need for many more drums in the town so Mr Snyman has suggested that other businesses could follow his example and provide drums which they could then use for advertising.

Sydda Essop ward-winning author
Culinary historian Sydda Essop has donated two copies of her award-winning book, Karoo Kitchen, to be raffled in aid of Templeton Hungry Tummies school feeding project
R5000 was donated to Templeton’s Hungry Tummies School Feeding by the Bedford Food Festival this week.
“It was a happy moment for us,” say festival organisers Kim van Niekerk and Catherine Knox. “This was our target for the pledged donation. It was ambitious, but we made it!”
They have expressed their gratitude to everyone who helped make the recent festival a success, enabling them to make the donation.
Hungry Tummies is a Templeton project run by teachers. The school is excluded from state school feeding schemes because it is still classified as elitist. The project has been adopted for ongoing support by Bedford Food Festival.
Festival guest cook and award-winning author, Sydda Essop, has made a further donation to Hungry Tummies. She has presented two copies of her book Karoo Kitchen (one in English, one in Afrikaans) to be raffled in aid of the fund. The coffee table volume retails at R450. Ms Essop received a special award from the Department of Arts and Culture for her work on the book. More recently, the book has won the ‘Best Culinary History’ section of the Gourmand World Cook-books Awards.
During the recent Food Festival, Sydda Essop showed us how to make her Grandmother’s Karoo lamb curry (featured in the book). Three staff members from the Stenden University (‘hotel school’) in Port Alfred as well as six learners from Templeton were among those attending the curry class and they all voted it their favourite experience.


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