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October 2017
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The highest greasy wool price of R120.00/kg for the 2012/2013 season thus far was achieved by Mr NC Pringle of Adelaide.
The one bale BFFH with a micron strength of 15.4 and a clean yield of 73.62% was purchased by Modiano and marketed by BKB. On the photo f.l.t.r. are Messrs Benjamyn and Crighton Pringle, the sellers, and Basie Claassen, BKB auctioneer. BKB would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Pringle on this achievement and the quality of the product that was delivered.

Statement of the Blue Crane Route Municipality on
of the passing of Prof Jakes Gerwel
November 29, 2012
The Blue Crane Route Municipality have learnt with profound sadness, the passing on of Professor Jakes Gerwel, who is the son of the soil of this Municipality.
The Mayor, Cllr. Marjorie Scott, described Prof, as we fondly referred to him in this area, as a humble, quiet outstanding South African who contributed to the country in a wide variety of fields, including literature, academics, politics, government, business and while remaining always very humble and self-effacing.
The Mayor said, “Prof served the country in a variety of fields but he never forgot us as he was always around us and constantly visited my office to advise and guide the municipality”.
Cllr. Scott remembers how Prof loved Mandela, as he always reminded us to never disappoint “the old man” (uTata Madiba).
In his busy schedule, Prof was never too busy for the development of this municipality. He always fought for the development of this town and at the time of his passing on, he was the chairperson of our develop-ment agency, the Blue Crane Development Agency which he chaired for the past five years. As the Chair of this development agency, he has done a lot in terms of social and local economic development.
Mayor: “We’ll miss his dignified presence in so many aspects of our lives, his quiet yet sharp leadership at the development agency.
The municipality awarded Prof with Freedom of the Town: Somerset East
Professor Gerwel made a valuable contribution to his hometown and will be sorely missed by all residents of this area
As the Municipality, we convey our heartfelt condolences to Prof Jakes’ wife, Phoebe, their children, and the rest of the Gerwel family

What are you doing about this threat?
Somerset East farmers put their money where their mouths are
Having read Julienne du Toit’s article in last week’s Somerset Budget you will be aware of the very real and looming threat of fracking taking place on our doorstep.
In response to the above threat, the Somerset Agricultural Association invited Doug Stern to address them at a previous meeting. Doug Stern farms between Graaff-Reinet and Nieu Bethesda. He is one of the two farmers who were sent to the USA on a fracking fact finding mission about two years ago by BKB. Doug returned from the US ardently opposed to fracking directly as a result of what he had witnessed. Since then he has been campaigning against fracking. He has been interviewed on the news and 50/50. It would seem that this battle will ultimately be fought in court. Doug is very positive that this fight can be won.
As farmers we wanted to know how we could contribute and at our meeting, the following decision was made. We would pledge R1 to the hectare of veld and R10 to the hectare of irrigation owned. We have contacted as many farmers as we can, members and non-members of the association, within our area (Somerset/Cookhouse/Klipfontein/Golden Valley/Middleton) and the response has been very positive. So far only one farmer has declined to make a pledge.
How will the money be collected and used? The names and contact details of all those who have pledged are sent to Derek Light Attorneys in Graaff-Reinet. He has a hand-selected team of people who are top in their field, from around the country, who are preparing themselves for a fight in court.
This is with the blessing of Johan Rupert and Agri-EC. Should the time come that further funds are needed, Derek Light’s offices will contact those who have made pledges for half their pledge. The other half would be payable should further funds be required at a later stage. Johan Rupert has put quite a lot of money towards this worthy cause and we feel that we must not sit back and watch, as every bit counts.
The Somerset East Farmers Association would like to challenge other local farmers associations to do the same and perhaps the local business chamber would like to challenge their members to make a contribution to the cause. Perhaps a percentage of their electricity or rates bill. If any local townsfolk feel they love this area and would like to contribute by making a pledge (say R50, R100 or even R1,000) please contact anybody mentioned below for further information. Any farmers who we may have left out, please get in touch with us so that we can put your pledge on the list.
Many Thanks, Greg Brown
Chairman – Somerset East Farmers Association

  • Greg Brown – tel:042 243 3629 or
  • Doug Stern – tel:049 841 1551
  • Derek Light Attorneys – tel: 049 891 0183 or

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The Somerset Budget is now available in full colour. (PDF)
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