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October 2017
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Cradock Residents see 

red due to green water


Water tests, requested by AfriForum, indicated that Cradock’s drinking water is not suitable for human consumption. The tests were performed by Monitor Laboratories in East Londen after residents complained that there were problems with the water, among others, the green colour of the water. The samples were taken from two points in town, as well as from the informal settlement, Hillside.

The results indicate the excessive presence of complete coliform bacteria and fecal coliform bacteria in the water, which cannot exceed ten units per 100 ml and zero units per 100 ml respectively. AfriForum recommends that residents use alternative water or, if no alternative is available, to boil tap water before using it.

According to Marnus van Staden, AfriForum’s provincial coordinator in die Eastern Cape, the takeover of water services by the regional municipality caused the problem. “The centralisation of water services led to a lack of supervision of water quality because the controlling body is not situated in town. It is easy to ignore dirty water when it does not flow from your own taps at home”, Van Staden said.

AfriForum sent a letter of demand to the municipal manager, Mr. Moppo Mene, to take action and to ensure that the water quality enjoys attention. If the municipality fails to react, a complaint of gross negligence will be filed against Mr. Mene.  (Read the article on page 4)


On the photo: Kobus Botha MPL in front of the dilapidated Cradock waste water treatment plant

Die gejaag na wind 

in Nxuba Munisipaliteit

Nxuba Munisipaliteit is die afgelope, plus minus twee jaar, teen alle verwagtinge, gewikkel in ‘n verbete stryd in ‘n strewe na ‘n skoon oudit. Dit is die groot prys wat aandui dat dinge veronderstel is om reg te loop in n Munisipaliteit.

In die aanloop na die strewe is verskeie personeel aangestel om te kan voldoen aan die “vereistes” van die Ouditeur Generaal- soos byvoorbeeld die aanstel van drie Senior Reken-meesters, waarvan een inkomstes en die ander uitgawes moet kontroleur aangesien dit gapings laat vir wanpraktyke indien een persoon die werk verrig. Die derde Rekenmeester, neem ek aan, help met die toesig oor bogenoemde en ander junior personeel. Bo-aan die piramide is daar dan ook die Hoof Finansiële Bestuurder wat pa staan oor alle finansies.

Directors for Corporate Services, Community Services, Technical Services/Infrastructure and Finances with the Municipal Manager at the head are supposed to oversee that service is delivered to the Community.

Unfortunately the Auditor General does not look at SERVICE DELIVERY in general as a major issue.  The result is that we are busy spending ourselves bankrupt in order to achieve a clean audit with roughly only 1 percent of the budget being spent on repairs and maintenance which is at the core of good Service Delivery. When this drive towards a clean audit started not a single one of the above Officials including the Accounting Officer (Municipal Manager) complied with the minimum competencies as required by law. Consultants had to be appointed at huge cost to ensure that correct procedures are followed towards a clean Audit. One requirement from these consultants is that skills transfer will take place in order for local staff to function independently in future. In the meantime the above Officials are now attending training on a monthly basis at various institutions in order to obtain the Minimum Competencies they should have had in the first place in order to be appointed. The net result is that these Officials are not always available to the public or to supervise on a fulltime basis even though other junior staff members are seconded to act in these positions. I, on behalf of my Political Party and the Public, regularly objected against any appointment of Senior Staff without these Minimum require-ments but were regularly ignored and overruled by the ruling party and the Municipal Manager. The selection panels for screening and appoint-ment to these posts eventually ended up consisting only of Ruling Party members.  I assume they did not want any” interference regarding unqualified appointees”.

Tegniese Dienste/ Infrastruktuur afdeling is die kern van diens-lewering betreffende elektrisiteit, paaie en stormwaterdreinering. Die department is die “swartskaap” in die Munisipaliteit waar daar die afgelope paar jaar onstabiliteit geheers het as gevolg van tekorte aan material, gekwalifi-seerde personeel en aanstelling van meestal, onbevoegde leierskap.

Diefstal van elektrisiteit is besig om die Munisipaliteit dood te bloei. Twee jaar gelede, is op aandrang van die opposisie, ‘n aanbeveling goedgekeur (vervolg op bl. 5)

Stop water heating costs from 

spiraling as temperatures drop

In winter, electric element geysers use much energy to meet households’ demand for hot water and keep water at the set point temperature when outside temperatures plummet – geysers are responsible for between 30 and 50% of households’ energy costs.  Be electricity smart with your hot water consumption:

· Install your geyser closest to the points where hot water is used in your home.

· Turn down the thermostat on your geyser to 60 ºC.

· Insulate your geyser with a geyser blanket.

· Insulate the first 1,5 metres of hot water outlet pipes leading from your geyser.

· Fit your showers with energy and water saving showerheads – their flow rate is less than 10 litres per minute, saving you water and electricity.

· Shower instead of taking a bath – a 7-minute shower uses less hot water and, as a result, your geyser uses less electricity to reheat the water.

· Install flow restrictors on your taps – they mix water with air, saving you water and electricity.

· Do not let hot water run unnecessarily – always use basin plugs in the bathroom and kitchen.

· In the bathroom, use cold water for quick tasks like washing your hands or brushing your teeth.

· In the kitchen, use cold water to rinse fruit and vegetables.

· Connect your washing machine and dishwasher to the cold water supply – only switch on these appliances when you have full loads.

· If clothes are not particularly dirty, skip the pre-wash cycle on your washing machine.

· Only boil enough water for the number of cups of coffee or tea you are making – store any left over hot water in a flask for later use to avoid boiling the kettle again.

The most effective measure by far for managing and reducing water heating costs is to replace your electric element geyser with a solar water heating system or heat pump – a high-pressure solar water heating system can reduce your electricity bill by up to 24%, whilst a heat pump is also more energy efficient than an electric element geyser. Electricity smart hot water consumption in households across South Africa helps to reduce pressure on the national power grid. Importantly, switch off your geyser between 5pm and 9pm, the period of peak demand for electricity in the residential sector, and act upon the Power Alerts you see on television by switching off electricity heavy appliances and unnecessary lights in your home.

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