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October 2017
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June 19, 2014

Rambreeders Launch (1)

Angora ram breeders

launch Ram Breeders Society’s

Sustainable Breeding mark

By Lourens Schoeman
The last summer mohair sale for 2014 marked a huge day in the history of the mohair industry – apart from the fact that all interested eyes were focussed to see what this last sale of a very exciting season would deliver, it was the launch of the of the Ram Breeders Society’s Sustainable Breeding mark.“The mohair industry has been very serious about taking the needs of the buyers and consumers to heart and have developed sustainable guidelines with the support of several experts in the field such as the department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries at Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute outside Middelburg, (Northern Cape), as well as Green Choice Alliance, Eduplan, Endangered Wildlife Trust and Ecorcert,” said Mark Shires, president of the Angora Ram Breeders Society.

He said the Ram Breeders Society has fully committed to supporting these guidelines. “All registered Angora ram stud breeders who participate in the Sustainable Mohair Production Guidelines will be recognised in public and by all Mohair buyers by means of an Angora Ram Breeders Logo.

“This mark will be applied to Auction Catalogues and bales of the abovementioned stud breeders and we strongly believe the Sustainable Breeding mark will take their breeding to new heights,” Shires said.

“We as Angora Ram Breeders are very excited about the development of the trade mark. We aim to continue improving our own clip as well as the rest of the industry’s and create more awareness about sustainability and the actual practice thereof”.“It is the way of the future and it needs to be taken seriously. That is why the Ram Breeders Association feels that it is necessary to give recognition to those stud breeders already working towards a fully sustainable breeding practice,” he added.

Shires said that naturally this leads to inquiring the reasons for the recent revival of interest in Mohair. The answer is simple, consumers are more educated about the noble fibre and the versatility thereof and take more conscious decisions regarding their purchases. The quality of the clip has also improved remarkably with expert breeding practices.

South Africa currently supplies 52% of the total world Mohair demand. Beyond this astonishing number, says Shires, South Africa can also proudly boast that the worlds’ highest quality clips are grown in South Africa.

The Mohair industry has experienced a phenomenal increase in demand since 2012. Figures reflect that since the beginning of the 2014 summer season there has been an average increase of 27% across all clips.

The best price for a bale fetched at the final summer sale was R850,50/kg, offered by Billy Colborne of Willowmore

Dis nou tyd

vir aksie!

‘n Pleidooi aan die inwoners van Cradock en Middelburg

Die Chris Hani Distrikmunisipaliteit beplan om die water-en-sanitasiebestuursfunksie van die Inxuba Yethemba Munisipaliteit oor te neem en dan watertariewe met tussen 300 en 400% te verhoog. Indien dit deurgevoer word, sal die gemiddelde huishouding tussen R1000 en R1500 per maand meer vir hierdie dienste betaal. Besighede gaan op hul beurt baie hoër aangeslaan word.Na vergaderings met die Distriksmunisipaliteit in Queenstown en verskeie ander organisasies insluitend Afriforum, het dit duidelik geword dat die Distrikmunisipaliteit vasberade is om die plan deur te voer.Die Cradock Sakeforum, in samewerking met die Suid-Afrikaanse Burgerlike Organisasie (SANCO) en die Cradock Belastingbetalersvereniging is van plan om aansoek te doen vir ‘n dringende Hofinterdik, om Chris Hani te verbied om met die implementering van die verhoogde tariewe voort te gaan. Ten einde hierdie hofaansoek te dien, vra ons finansiële hulp van al die inwoners en besighede in Cradock en Middelburg.

Die voorgestelde tariewe is tydens die Distriksraadsvergadering aan die einde Mei 2014 aanvaar en sal op 1 Julie 2014 in werking tree. Met slegs twee weke oor is dit nou uiters dringend om tot aksie oor te gaan.

Bydraes tot die regskostes kan in die Cradock Sakeforum se rekening inbetaal word.

Standard Bank, Cradock, Rekeningnommer: 82555958. Verwysing: Inwonernaam/Besigheid – Water.

Hierdie saak is baie dringend en elke inwoner van albei die twee dorpe word dringend versoek om, indien moontlik, ‘n bydrae, hoe gering ook al, vir hierdie verdienstelike saak te maak. Indien ons nie kan walgooi teen Chris Hani distriksmunisipaliteit se planne nie, sal elke inwoner van die dorp die gevolge aan hul maandelikse rekeninge voel.

Ondersteun ons asseblief!!!


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