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October 2017
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MEC hands over Andries
Vosloo Lilitha College of
Nursing Satellite Campus
A state of the art Lilitha College of Nursing satellite campus was handed over by the MEC for Health Mr Sicelo Gqobana on the 28 February 2014 in Andries Vosloo Hospital, Somerset East.
Lilitha College of Nursing is an accredited nursing college of the Eastern Cape Department of Health which has five main campuses and twenty two satellite campuses producing more than a thousand nursing categories per year namely: Professional Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Enrolled Nursing auxiliary and Specialist Nurses.
Andries Vosloo is one of the accredited satellite campuses of the Port Elizabeth main campus and is accredited for the following programmes; Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary (ENA), Enrolled Nurse and Bridging Course. All these areas will have an intake of 20 students each.
The satellite campus will have the first intake of 40 student nurses in June 2014 and the catchment area for the site will cover the six municipal areas of the Blue Crane and a lesser percentage of the other less advantaged Cacadu municipal areas.
The project was done in two phases, the first phase being teaching classrooms and simulation laboratory facilities with a capacity of 50 nursing students per classroom. These can expand into 100 nursing students in times of examinations.
The second phase is the satellite administration block with computer laboratory and an extra classroom. This will be completed in June 2014.
Speaking at the official handing over of the facility, the MEC said he was very happy to be delivering to the people of Cacadu District and mentioned that the Department is re-opening the closed nursing colleges to train nurses and send them to work in rural areas in trying to bring services closer to the people.
He further encouraged the community to take care of the facility and ensure that it serves their interests and he promised that the department will ensure that it is developed.

: HINTS – Taking good care of our valuables plays a role in bringing down property crimes

  • Don’t buy stolen goods.
  • Say no to stolen goods
  • Never leave your door keys hanging in the door. It is easy to make duplicate keys for later easy access to one’s premises.
  • If you buy luxury goods, cut up the boxes and dispose them.
  • Don’t buy trendy items somebody flashes you in the streets. Honest trade does not operate in that way.
  • Never leave your car keys in the ignition, even for only a few seconds.
  • Never leave valuable items on the car seats. Rather keep them in the boot of your car.
  • Be on the alert when wearing expensive jewellery or carrying expensive equipment.
  • Never keep your wallet in the back pocket of your trousers or leave your handbag unattended.
  • Always mark your property and keep records of the make and serial number, if possible.
  • Never leave your garage door opened partially open – it serves as an invitation to burglars.


10111is the number that you can use in case of a police emergency.
Never make a prank call to the emergency number 10111, as it engages the line.
A prank call to the emergency number 10111 might block a call from someone who is really in need of police assistance.
For general enquiries, call your nearest police station.
Always have the number of your local police station available, or learn it off by heart.
All police stations’ numbers are available on the SAPS website at
SAPS CRADOCK 048 – 881 7118 // 10111

Skou 019(1)
Terwyl die kampioenskappe op die Middelburg Skou beslis is, kon die perde op maat van Ou Ryperd van Chris Blignault en ander bekende gepaste liedjies galop, draf, stap of trippel. In die tyd kon die beoordelaars bepaal watter perde verdien om met die louere weg te stap.

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