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March 15, 2012

Message from an Addo Lion

A visitor to the Addo Elephant National Park snapped some incredible shots of a lion with an environmental message during a recent visit in mid-February.Janine Snyman, a local Addo resident, was driving through the national park on a day visit with her husband when they noticed a young male lion lying in a grass patch close to the road.Stopping to view the lion, they watched the young male get up and pick up an empty beer bottle that was lying in the grass in his mouth. The lion then sauntered over to a stone signpost, jumped on top of the signpost and lay down while watching another young male lion approach.The lion later dropped the beer bottle and walked off in the company of the second lion.“This is a powerful message to visitors to our national park to take care that they do not litter,” said the Park’s Conservation Manager, John Adendorff.

Adendorff said that the situation could have been much worse if the lion had broken the beer bottle and cut his mouth, depriving him of a means of feeding.

“The Park’s rules and regulations, including speed limits and bans on disturbing wildlife are in place to protect our wildlife as well as ensure the safety of visitors,” Adendorff added.

Adendorff also mentioned that some visitors disregarded Park rules by getting out of their vehicles inside the game area. People who wished to assist by reporting this bad behaviour could phone the manager on duty on 082 471 0267 or the Park’s reception on 042 233 8619. Park staff could then react to the report while those transgressing were still in the Park.

Addo Elephant National Park is situated 40 km from Port Elizabeth and covers 180 000 hectares. The Park receives about 126 000 visitors a year.

Addo lion with bottle. Photo Janine Snyman

The new acting interim Municipal Manager (MM) of Nxuba – Municipality (Adelaide and Bedford) is Mr. Siphiwo Caga, who was delegated to this municipalty by the MEC of the Eastern Cape, untill a permanent appointment is made.In the past he was seconded to Mbashee municipality at Dutwya, where he stabilised the municipality and brought them from a disclaimer of opinion to a qualified opinion from the Auditor General.The MM, Mr Siphiwo Caga believes he can bring about a U-turn in the Nxuba Municipality to become a better and more functional municipality. He believes in ‘n strong administration, with strict financial discipline. Community and municipalty must have the same common vision. Municipalities must be accountable for every step of administration and management. The act of misconduct must also be disciplined. There must be a culture of responsibility by all stakeholders in the structure of the municipality and also in the community.Reporting to the community is for Caga very important. He likes to work in close relationship with the Auditor – General and there must be quarterly financial reports by Nxuba Municipalty. There must also be an assets register and to set a great example the municipal account of the emplyees may not be in arrear.Caga believes also in a clean Adelaide and Bedford with a good infrastructure, where citizens and business people must work together for a better future. He plans to improve the database, so that the information on accounts could be up to standard. Caga also sees the need to improve the workers and their skills, also by multi-tasking so that they could become more efficient in the workplace. It is also important for Caga that the Ward Committees must be educated, so that they could do their work better and could support the Municipality in satisfying the needs of the community.

He planned a very strict financial control measure – in order to improve accountability. Approved documents need to accompany every payment.

He is of the opinion that work opportunities can be created by empowering workless people to assist in certain municipal functions like garbage removal etc.

Caga also plans drastic action to prevent a further loss of R7, 8 million rand last year – due to theft and other infrastructure losses of electricity.This is a huge bleeding factor.

He also plans to appoint poundmasters in Adelaide and Bedford in order to have better control over animals. He also plans to attend to the poor road conditions and potholes in towns. He also admits that the garbage site at Adelaide is not on standard but it will improve in the next 3 years.

The new Municipal chambers are well on it’s way to completion and this is being paid for by Amathola District Municipality. They still wait for Telkom to install the telephone system. The exsisting offices will still be used in future.

Mr. Siphiwo Caga (New IRON MAN of Nxuba)



‘n Taxi-eienaar wat oorhaastig was om by die taxistaanplek uit te kom sit sedert gisteroggend sonder enige inkomste nadat hy sy Avanza minibus douvoordag in digte mis op die rugbyveld van Fort Beaufort Laerskool hier afgeskryf het. Die vermoede bestaan dat die bestuurder die 3-rigting stopstraat teen ‘n hoë spoed verontagsaam het waarna hy beheer oor die voertuig verloor en deur die skool se heining gebars het. Die ongeluk het omstreeks 6:30 plaasgevind toe daar nog geen kinders op die skoolterrein was nie.Daar was geen passasiers in die voertuig nie en die bestuurder het slegs ligte beserings opgedoen. ‘n Saak van nalatige en roekelose bestuur is teen die bestuurder van die minibus aanhangig gemaak.ANTHONY VENTER

Die plaaslike Landbougenootskap het groot verbeterings aan hulle onthaalarea aangebring. Hulle het dit Vrydag met ‘n lekker braaigeleentheid aan die publiek bekendgestel. Die kroeggedeelte is vergroot en ‘n mooi toonbank met bypassende stoele is aangebring. Mooi houtstoele en tafels is ook aangeskaf om die area meer gasvry te maak. ‘n Binnebraai “jetmaster” is ingebou om ‘n gesellige atmosfeer te skep waar gaste kan braai. Hierdie is alles toevoegings by die groot stoeparea wat uitkyk op die skou-arena. Die Landbougenootskap, onder die voorsitterskap van Syce Botha en sy komiteelede, kan gelukgewens word met hierdie ontwikkelings tot uitbou van ons skougronde. Die Landbougenootskap het hierdie ontwikkelinge gedoen met die oog om die nuwe en netjiese geriewe te kan uitverhuur. Op bostaande foto verskyn van die gaste en komiteelede wat die verrigtinge bygewoon het.

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