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October 2017
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March 22, 2012

Transformeerder Ontplof

ELEKTRIESE brand ONTSTAAN – ‘n Elektriese “transformer” op die hoek van Hockly- en Pauletstraat, het Saterdagmiddag weens ‘n kortsluiting totaal uitgebrand. Nie dikwels dat so iets gebeur nie. Moontlik het die kortsluiting gekom na die groot donderstorm van die aand tevore.





For the first time in a proud history going back well over 50 years, the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of SA will be staging their National Championships at the Cradock Show Grounds. In order to give as many of you as possible an opportunity to come and watch this exciting show, we are holding it during the Easter weekend. It begins on Thursday the 5th of April and runs through to Saturday the 7th.

Most of the very best Welsh ponies and cobs are entered and our senior judge will be Mr John Hendy form Wales. John Hendy himself has bred and exhibited two Royal Welsh Champions. When one considers that our Mother Society has over eight thousand members with literally hundreds of breeders amongst them, you will understand how difficult it is to breed just one Royal Welsh Champion. Very few have triumphed twice.

Over the many years of holding our National Championships, a number of top overseas judges have remarked on the high quality of our South African Welsh ponies, so you and your families will in all likelihood be able to see some world class examples in action.

Both the Somerset East and Cradock Agricultural Societies have provided classes for Welsh ponies for years now, and those of you who have been to watch will no doubt have been enthralled by Uncle Jack Gilfillan and his daughter Elizabeth tearing round the arena with his team of eight white ponies. This year on the Saturday afternoon, at least two teams of eight will be on show. Nowhere else in the world can you see this incredibly exciting event. Your own grandchildren will be telling their own grandchildren all about it some day in the far future.

This promises to be just one of the highlights of Friday and Saturday. Starting at eight o’clock in the morning, an entire spectrum of classes will follow one after the other, and will include a full programme of riding and harness classes.

For those who like to flex their muscles, Status Toyota are sponsoring a generous sum of prize-money towards a Team Tug-of-War Challenge. Heats will be held on Thursday and Friday, and the heavy brigade will face off on Saturday for the ultimate strongmen title. Those companies who employ enough he-men to make up a team, should contact their local Status branch urgently.

Olaf Bergh will be holding a potjiekos competition on Saturday. If you feel your leaning is towards cooking up a storm, contact Ultra Liquor at Cradock. Once again, prize money for this contest will be well spread amongst the entrants. Do not miss this show. Your food and liquid requirements will be well catered for, and your whole family may well look back one day on this coming Easter and remember it as being one of the most memorable family experiences they have ever share.

The driving force behind these, and all the additional entertainment, is Gaby Muller who can be contacted on 083 377 8704.

The team of 8 ponies shown by Jack Gilfillan and Elizabeth Ford at Cradock 2011.



This year, World Water Day is celebrated on 22 March and will be focusing specifically on water and food security. The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) wants to emphasize the fact that we need to pay special attention to the sustainable management of our freshwater resources, especially in terms of our tenuous hold on food security.

Stan Jewaskiewitz, President of the IWMSA says “As in many areas of our excessively consumer orientated lifestyles, we seldom stop to think about what water resources are used in the production of our food. For instance, whilst around 1,500 litres of water is used in the production of one kilogram of wheat, ten times that amount, or 15,000 litres of water is used to produce one kilogram of beef. It takes a substantial amount of water to produce the food crops required to feed herds of farmed animals, as well as to process the produce from those animals, such as milk and cheese, and there is an ever increasing demand for meat.

“Other factors in farming which eventually impact on water supply are contamination in the form of chemical pesticides, for example, which are often overused, and farming’s contribution to the problem of climate change especially in respect of damaging greenhouse gases. Climate change has far-reaching effects in weather extremes such as severe drought or flooding, especially in certain ecologically sensitive areas.”

The United Nations (UN) has decided to focus on the theme of Water and Food Security for World Water Day this year, a theme wholeheartedly endorsed by the IWMSA. Jewaskiewitz continues, “There is a huge demand to feed the 7 billion people that currently inhabit planet earth and with another 2 billion set to join us by 2050, the demand for food will, of necessity, spiral upwards at an alarming rate. The presently frightening scenario is that famine stricken countries and starving people notwithstanding, around 30% or almost one third of the world’s food production is consigned to waste.

Many factors contribute to this loss, including loss at source or in transportation from the fields, as well as ultimately, and far too often, the end consumer who is wasteful as a result of not being aware of the processes required to produce their consumables.”

So how can we help? We simply have to cut back on our excessive food waste by changing our attitudes as consumers and becoming more aware of cause and effect: we need to pay attention to how and what we consume, make better food choices and avoid wastage at all cost. Commercially, crop diversity and integrated farming methods need to be explored. One such fascinating example is the integration of rice and fish farming in the paddy fields of Asia which is proving extremely effective on a number of levels. All possible options need to be explored in a bid to sustain us into the future.

The IWMSA focuses on providing education and training for its members, as well as other interested parties, whether private individuals or government entities.

The IWMSA is a non-profit organisation comprising a body of dedicated professionals in their respective fields, who give freely and voluntarily of their time and expertise in order to effectively educate, promote and further the science and practice of waste management. For more information, visit:

More information on International World Water Day (

International World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

An international day to celebrate freshwater was recommended at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). The United Nations General Assembly responded by designating 22 March 1993 as the first World Water Day.

Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater.

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