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October 2017
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Grondpaaie in ons distrik gaan ten gronde…….. Die vraag is, is daar nog ‘n grondpad in ons verspreidingsgebied wat begaanbaar en in ‘n goeie toestand is? Bostaande foto en nog vele ander, in ons besit, is deur ‘n moedelose en raadop boer ingebring. Hierdie grondpad tussen Greylingskraal en Middelwater Polisiestasie wat strek tot by Kuikendieffontein en aansluit by die Waterfordpad, is in ‘n gehawende toestand en bykans onbegaanbaar. Motoriste moet by sommige plekke uit hul voertuie klim om klippe te pak sodat daar verder gery kan word. Hierdie grondpad was, na verneem word, laas in 2008 versien. Grondeienaars se voertuie ruk en skud uitmekaar, nie eers te praat van al die bande wat weekliks afgeskryf word nie. Iets daadwerkliks sal aan hierdie situasie gedoen moet word. Die goeie reëns en donderstorms die afgelope paar weke het sake nog verder laat versleg. Hierdie betrokke grondeienaar kan op die oomblik nie sy sybokhaar en wol na Port Elizabeth vervoer nie.Die owerhede sal moet kennisneem hiervan en daadwerklik optree om ons grondpaaie van algehele verval te red. Ons vra dat lesers hul foto’s van swak grondpaaie vir ons instuur vir publikasie sodat die owerhede en die publiek daarbuite kan sien in watter toestand dit verkeer. Bostaande foto is slegs klein gedeelte van die totale grondpadnetwerk in ons verspreidingsgebied. Ons is bewus daarvan dat daar nog baie ander in dieselfde toestand of selfs nog slegter daaraan toe is. Lesers kan hulle foto’s in jpeg formaat aanstuur na met ‘n kort beskrywing waar en op watter pad die foto geneem is. Foto’s nie groter as 1 megabyte sal ontvang word.

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding

with Municipalities in Eastern Cape
Delays to respond to Service delivery issues, attending to infrastructure matters, and the needs of the people will be a thing of the past in the Eastern Cape as the Department moves to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Municipalities to help speed response to challenges faced by the locals.As the Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs Ministry, we are excited about this new development and we are confident that it will go a long way to help us work together to improve service delivery. We call on communities to work with the CDW’s so that their issues are communicated properly to the Municipality and the Department for speedy response.

CDW’s are central in our ongoing efforts to build better communities; they are central in ensuring that we create the better life for all our people. The Department and all 45 municipalities of the Eastern Cape in East London will sign the Memorandum of Understanding tonight. As the Department we will continue to work with the CDW’s to respond to the needs and challenges of our people in line with President Jacob Zuma’s call of improving service delivery to our people.
The MoU is aimed at improving working relations between the Department and Municipalities through CDW’s. The MoU will allow CDW’s to report incidents and service delivery challenges direct to municipalities with immediate effect.


The MoU also clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the Department and Municipalities as follows:


4.1. The Department has the following roles and responsibilities:

(1) To supervise the CDW’s at local municipal level, and appointment of CDW Local Supervisors at municipal level;

(2) To track or monitor the programme by developing and implementing a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system, inter alia, performance agreements and any other tool for monitoring and supervision of employed CDW’s;

(3) To convene periodic meetings with CDW’s and consider the portfolios of evidence of work which must be submitted by the CDW’s;

(4) To provide the budget to fund personnel, salaries, training and business travelling; to capacitate CDW and assist with their operational needs, inter alia stationery, IT equipment and transport.

(5) To advocate the CDWP within sector Departments and communities at large;

(6)To institutionalize CDW forums for uniformity;

(7) To develop publicity for the CDW Programme;

(8)To identify and secure infrastructural resources;

(9) Facilitate and convene CDW forums in all districts;

(10) To assist municipalities through capacitating the municipal officials dedicated to working with CDW’s and CDW Local Supervisors;

(11) To capacitate the CDW’s by rolling out learnership programmes and to comply with all the requirements of the Skills Development Act in respect of the CDW’s.

Roles and responsibilities of the Municipality

The Municipalities have the following roles and responsibilities:

(1) To report service delivery blockages in the CDW programme to all three
spheres of government as and when it is necessary;

(2) To facilitate and coordinate programmes at Local Level to ensure that ward committees and CDW’s are able to work cooperatively in improving the lives of local communities and their access to services;

(3) To ensure that municipal councils adopt the CDW policy by way of resolution or by-laws;

(4) To provide office space within the municipality’s premises to enable CDW-s to perform their functions efficiently and effectively;

(5) CDW’s must be integrated into Public Participation unit and must be convened by the Local Supervisor;

(6) CDW’s must be accorded ex officio status in all meetings of the ward committee, which they must attend diligently and at which they must table reports in relation to their activities for the month.
Such reports must constitute an integral part of the ward report and recommendations to be escalated to the municipality and relevant government departments;

(7) To ensure that Local Supervisors are available to support CDW’s

(8) To monitor and evaluate the implementation of the CDW Programme

(9) To involve CDW’s in all the municipal programmes and local Imbizos;

Eastern Cape Local Government and Traditional Affairs MEC, Mlibo Qoboshiyane.

Glen Avon in Somerset East is well-known for receiving a little more rain than is the case in town. During the afternoon of Friday 16 March a torrential downpour with hail was experienced where 90mm were measured within about half an hour on Glen Avon at Greg and Fiona Brown. All in all 130mm of rain was measured in Glen Avon. In town 80mm were measured over the Friday and Saturday. According to the records the last time the Browns had as much rain on one particular day was in January 1995. According to Greg, this was however the worst hail storm on Glen Avon since 1963 (5 inches 30 points) where the hailstones were much bigger and did more damage to roofs, walls and windows. The hail laid ankle deep. In the above photo one can clearly see how the hail fell on their stoep which caused flooding in their house. In our previous issue we reported of the mini tornado that caused havoc in the Clevedon area on the very same afternoon of 16 March.

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The Somerset Budget is now available in full colour. (PDF)
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