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October 2017
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Adelaide se dorpsdam loop oor! Dit is die eerste keer in meer as 10 jaar. Vir baie jare kla die inwoners oor die inloopvore wat nie skoongemaak word nie. Dit het beteken dat geen water kan die dam inloop vanaf die Koonap rivier nie. Al die water het nutteloos verby die dorp geloop see toe. Na vele petisies en klagtes het die owerhede die probleem raakgesien en die toevoerkanale wat die dam voed skoongemaak. Van ‘n dam wat vir jare leeg was, loop die dam nou oor. Dit is ‘n pragtige gesig om te sien. Vroeër jare het die dam gereeld oorgeloop. Met die oorgang van regering in 1994 het die instandhouding van die dam se infrastruktuur agterweë begin bly. Dit het so erg gegaan dat die dorp se dam vir jare leeg was en daar selfs ernstige waterbeperkings op ‘n slag toegepas was. Nou is alles anders, vandat ernstige instandhoudingswerk deur bekwame mense gedoen is. Tans is daar selfs werkers besig om die damwal  skoon te maak van indringer doringbome. As die doringbome nie verwyder word nie, kan dit daartoe lei dat die damwal beskadig word. ‘n Groot Dankie aan die owerhede vir die uitstekende instandhoudingswerk. Doen so voort!


The Democratic Alliance will be petitioning the Chris Hani District Municipality on the introduction of basic charges for water and the water tariffs structure as proposed in the draft budget for 2015/16.

In the Chris Hani District Municipality Annual Budget for 2014/2015 as documented on 28 May 2014, there is no reference at all to basic charges.  What was approved then were the following tariffs for months when there are no meter readings available:

  • Household:  R91.00
  • NGO’s :  R1024.00
  • Business:  R1970.00


Charges were also included for premises without a connection to the Council’s system.  Again it was stated clearly that this is an availability fee and not a basic charge. These fees are as follows:

  • Household :  R91.00
  • NGO:  R241.00
  • Business: R473.00

In the proposed budget for 2015/16 a basic charge for water has been introduced (Household:   R91.00, NGO’s: R1024.00 and Business: R1970.00) which does constitute a considerable increase in what the residents, non-government organizations and business will have to pay for water. We will therefore request Chris Hani District Municipality to do away entirely with basic charges.

We will also appeal to the District Municipality to review and drastically reduce the existing tariffs for water consumption as they are too high and also have an extremely negative impact on the economy of this region.  A normal household will pay in the vicinity of R1700 for water per month, which is an increase of up to 200% in comparison to what the water tariffs were when the Inxuba Yethemba Municipality was the water services provider. The detrimental effect that these tariffs would have on the local economy is there for anyone to see, and so is the fact that local economics eventually affects the national economic situation. (continues on page 5)


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