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October 2017
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Monty Gadd sorg vir groot opwinding
Die Monty Gadd het weer vanjaar vir groot opwinding gesorg tydens die Cradock Skou wat die afgelope naweek hier gehou is. Op bostaande foto verskyn die wenner van die gesogte Monty Gadd trofee tydens die Cradock Skou. Daar word al vanaf 1938 vir hierdie trofee meegeding. Die Monte Gadd trofee is vanjaar gewen deur mnr CJ du Plessis op sy perd “Touch me Twice”. Op die foto verskyn CJ du Plessis, Hendrik Opperman (Skou president), Anitha de Klerk (Vise-skoupresident) en Jannie Michau (JGM Lewendehawe wat jaarliks as die borg vir die Monty Gadd optree). In die tweedeplek was Deandré Dreyer, ‘n bekende plaaslike ruiter, op sy perd “The King’s Man”. Deandré is ook ‘n vorige wenner van hierdie geskiedkundige trofee.

Above and below is a sample of what the new R100 note will look like. Mr Mandela’s face will be on the front while the Buffalo will still be displayed on the back.
SARB New Banknote
Official Circulation Date Announced
The new South African Banknotes will officially go into circulation on Tuesday, 6 November 2012. The new banknotes feature an image of former President Nelson Mandela on the front, with images of the “Big Five” animals on the back of the various banknote denominations.
Commenting on the announcement, Reserve Bank Governor Gill Marcus said: “Our currency is a unique symbol of our nationhood, with many of us handling banknotes every day. The Reserve Bank is proud to be able to honour South Africa’s struggle icon and first democratically elected President in this way, and we thank all our stakeholders for their hard work in making this process possible.”
An education and public awareness campaign has preceded the circulation launch, with advertisements flighted on television, radio, newspapers and magazines, as well as online and on social media platforms.
South Africans have been given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the security features of the new banknotes – prior to the official circulation – through road shows and public outreach events nationwide. Common Monetary Areas (CMA) such as Swaziland, Namibia, Lesotho, Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe are included in these awareness efforts.
The current and new banknotes will co-circulate and both remain legal tender.
Commercial banks and the retail industry are familiar with the state-of-the-art security features in order to ensure a seamless transition of the new banknote series.
Members of the public are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the security features of the new banknotes in order to be able to identify their authenticity by utilising the look, feel and tilt method. This has been emphasised in the second phase of the communication campaign, which commenced on 29 October.



The South African Police Service in the Eastern Cape would like to issue a warning to all motorists to exercise caution at all times during this rainy weather and floods. Most of our roads were closed but some have been recently opened to aid motorists and travellers driving in our province. After the closure of the two main roads between East London and Port Elizabeth on Monday, the R72 has been reopened for light motor vehicles. This road was closed to heavy vehicles to avoid further damage to the road and road hazards.
Heavy vehicles leaving East London for PE are being redirected to N2 either via Mount Coke (R345) or via Amalinda(N2) to King William’s Town. All heavy motor vehicles leaving King William’s town for PE are being diverted at the WIMPY onto the R63 to Alice, Fort Beaufort, Adelaide, Bedford and left on to N10 towards Cookhouse onto Olifantskop Pass to join N2 at Nanaga towards PE.
This road is also having visible patrols 30 kilometres apart in fully marked traffic vehicles all the way to Nelson Mandela Bay. Further down from Grahamstown to PE traffic are being diverted just past Houwzenspoort also at Salem junction towards Kenton on Sea and join R72 towards Alexandria. Heavy vehicles are diverted on R350 past Riebeeck East onto Bedford to join N10 near Cookhouse.
At 8 kilometres west of Port Alfred there is a single lane controlled by stop/go sign. Also at 13 km from Alexandria towards Boknes and at Kasuga Brigde between Port Alfred and Kenton on Sea, there is a single line traffic which is robot controlled.
There is still a traffic halt between St Francis and Humansdorp as the Elandsfontein bridge has been washed away. Only pedestrian traffic are being let through.
Motorists are further warned to exercise caution on the routes between Grahamstown and Fort Beaufort. There is extra presence of trucks and more cars than it usually is the case. The rain is still prevalent in some areas accompanied by heavy presence of fog and mist in certain areas.
• Keep a safe following distance as the surface is slippery and wet in almost everywhere.
• Keep your lights on to improve visibility of your car to other motorists.
• Drivers should adhere to the legal speed limit.
• Drivers must be patient as we all know some of our roads are also under construction.

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