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October 2017
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Te midde van al die slegte nuus wat op die oomblik die media kanale van die wêreld oorheers, het die sybokhaarmark egter hierdie week vir ‘n positiewe hoogtepunt  in die internasionale nuus gesorg in Port Elizabeth. Volgens Pierre van der Vyver, Die Bestuurder: Sybokhaar by Cape Mohair & Wool (CMW), die grootste makelaar van Sybokhaar ter wêreld, het die nasionale markaanwyser te staan gekom op die hoogste vlak ooit, naamlik R224.61/kg – ‘n allemintige styging van 12% teenoor die vorige veiling gehou einde Oktober. Die mark het munt geslaan uit die swak wisselkoers van die Rand teenoor die VSA$ – ‘n 4.5% daling –  wat Suid-Afrikaanse produkte meer aantreklik maak. Dit alleenlik was egter nie die hoofoorsaak nie. Hernuude belang-stelling in Sybokhaar vanuit Europa sowel as die Ooste het die verwerkers effens onkant betrap so laat in die seisoen. Slegs een veiling, op 1 Desember, is nog geskeduleer vir 2015.

Plaaslike verwerkings-fabrieke is bekommerd dat daar tydelik nie genoeg voorraad gaan wees nie.  Suid-Afrika is die wêreldleier in sybokhaarproduksie. Frans Retief van Drie-hoeksfontein Boerdery, Murraysburg het met die loure weggestap op die veiling. Nie net het sy skeersel die hoogste gemiddeld van die veiling en seisoen voortgebring teen R275.21/kg nie, sy skeersel het ook die hoogste individuele prys vir ‘n baal winter klein-bokkiehaar opgelewer teen R350.00/kg. Retief is ook die huidige wêreldrekordpryshouer vir die tipe. Die CMW saamverpakkingsafdeling, waar kleiner boere se hoë gehalte sybokhaar saamgevoeg word, het ook die prys van R350.00/kg geëwenaar.

Foto: Matthew Fox (CMW Auctioneer/Afslaer); Ken Reed (Buyer/Koper); Frans Retief (Seller/Verkoper); Andrew Phillips (CMW Binning/Saamverpakking); Pierre van der Vyver (CMW Manager: Mohair/Bestuurder:Sybokhaar)

 Prosit Charity Shoot donates

proceeds to Huis Silwerjare



The annual Prosit Charity Shoot was held on 17 November 2015 at Welgelegen Shooting Range, Kommadagga.  Approximately 80 contestants from all over the Eastern Cape competed in different events hosted during the day.  The main event, a gong shoot of 15 shots was won by Kosie Smit of Port Elizabeth.  He walked away with a fantastic prize of R4000-00.  The ladies division was won by Nici Kruger of Swaershoek.  ECGMA hosted the clay pigeon and big bore events.  The proceeds of the day, an amount of R18400-00, were donated to Huis Silwerjare of Somerset East.  Well done to all the winners.


16 days of activism for non-violence

against women and children

The high levels of sexual voice against women and children are a sad reflection of how skewed our moral values have become in South Africa today. Once again, another 16 days of activism of no violence against women and children has been declared, but can one honestly say the situation is getting any better?

Women and children want real freedom: this means to wear what you want and to walk where you want without feeling unsafe and without being objectified as a potential sexual trophy.

Over the last five years, according to the SAPS official crime statistics, over 45 000 sexual offences have been reported in the Eastern Cape. This means at least 25 sexual offences are reported each day in the province. The vast majority of which are rapes. If one considers that rape is highly under-reported, with some statistics suggesting that only one in nine rapes are reported, one gets a picture of a society whose moral values are in tatters, with young women in particular, living in fear. We need a total war on rape to deal with this barbaric onslaught.

As a society and as a province we must start taking greater respon-sibility. Some steps that will make an impact are:

An intensive education campaign at school level to instil value and respect for women. Religious and civic leaders in society need to also take up the issue of patriarchy.

The annual statistics released by the SAPS must make provision to specify rape. Research and legislative require-ments must be put in place so that the annual reports reflect not only how many rape cases are reported but how many cases go to court and how many lead to conviction. As small minority of reported cases are successfully prosecuted.

Police officers must receive training annually on the sexual offences act. They also need to make women feel comfortable in reporting cases and that they will be treated humanely. Women don’t want feel abused twice, once by the perpetrators and secondly by the SAPS.

There must be strong provincial funding for NPOs that deal with gender-based violence.

Policies must be put in place within departments to deal with sexual violence and abuse. The sex-for-jobs investi-gation in the Eastern Cape has simply petered out.  There needs to be effective coordination and professionalism in the chain between reporting the case, the hospitals and the forensic laboratories and to the court room. Many cases fall between the cracks and are weakened as a result of the chain being broken.

Dealing with sexual offences against women and children requires a holistic approach. This means society as a whole needs to be mobilised to deal with this scourge.

Six months without Postal

Service in Fort Beaufort

Home postal delivery services in Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape have come to a halt for over six months.  This has a huge negative impact not only on business, but also on the tens of thousands of residents who rely on the post office for their communication.

I subsequently contacted higher management of the South African Post Office (SAPO) requesting answers to the following:

  • Why has the home postal delivery system stopped without any notice to members of the Fort Beaufort community?
  • How long will the current situation continue?

When will the Fort Beaufort Post Office resume with the delivery of home postal services?

  • What will happen to the millions of undelivered post/letters at the Fort Beaufort office of the last six months?
  • How are you going to change the negative perceptions of the broader community towards the postal service in Fort Beaufort?

SAPO area manager for East London, Nomgqibelo Nyati, responded and explained that the non- delivery of mail is due to the termination of delivery agents, with SAPO’s head office busy preparing new contracts.

Mrs Nyati assured me that she would get two casual workers from Balfour and Fort Beaufort to help sort out the mail on Saturday, 14 November 2015 in preparation for delivery the following Saturday, 21 November 2015.

This arrangement was subsequently changed as Mrs Nyati phoned me on Thursday, 19 November 2015, to confirm that she will not be able to deliver the post on Saturday due to:

·The risks of unauthorised usage of post office transport without consent from the head-office of the Post Office and;

·A scheduled meeting on Tuesday, 24 November 2015, at the Post Office in Fort Beaufort with local (ANC ) ward councillors from the township experiencing the same problems.

Under a DA government, the residents and businesses of Fort Beaufort would be treated fairly by having the opportunity of access to efficient service delivery and the freedom to receive their mail timeously.

The DA believes that government should take immediate steps to end the SAPO’s legislated mail and small parcel monopoly, and through engagement with the private sector, get the mail moving again.

The Somerset Budget is now available in full colour. (PDF) Please contact us for more information.
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