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October 2017
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EC Government blows R8.5 Billion on Consultants
in Three Years
Issued by: Bobby Stevenson (MPL) DA Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature Leader and Shadow MEC for Finance
The Eastern Cape government spent R8.5 billion on consultants over the last three years.
A parallel civil service is being established whose duplicate costs run into billions that could otherwise go to fixing our schools, hospitals and roads.
A total of R2.9 billion was spent in 2009/2010, R3 billion in 2010/11 and R2.7 billion in the 2011/12 financial years. This is according to a reply from Finance MEC Phumulo Masualle to my parliamentary question this week.
These latest figures are a further sign of how governance is increasingly being outsourced due to a lack of internal capacity within Departments to deliver. This is a direct result of the failed cadre deployment policy. The spending on consultants must be seen in the context of Departments paying for bloated administrations without prioritizing the skills to deliver. The Eastern Cape cannot afford a parallel civil service.
The Health Department was the biggest spender on consultants at R1.151 billion in 2011/12. The other biggest spenders for 2011/2012 are Roads and Public Works (R1.007 billion), Rural Development and Agra-rian Reform (R159 million) and Education (R123 million). Premier Noxolo Kieviet’s office is also failing to set the example by spending R63 million on consultants in 2011/2012.
The DA will use upcoming committee meetings on government annual reports to probe Departments on the exact details of which companies were paid and for what service. We will request information on whether any skills transfer took place from consultants to the permanent staff of each Department as required by Treasury regulations. I am sceptical that government will stick to the budget of R1.229 billion for consultants in the 2012/13 year given the record over the last three years.
To achieve effective governance in the Eastern Cape, we need a skilled public service that does not require us to waste billions on unnecessary consultant fees.
Jean Stevens (Chairlady of Bedford Retirement Village) on the left and Dillon Lindhorst (chairman of Adelaide Round Table) on the right, in front of the Bedford Retirement Village

Adelaide Round Table 194 and Bedford
Club support Bedford Retirement Village
Adelaide Round Table held a steak evening at the Bedford Club in July this year. They had a lovely time and enjoyed the new venue for the steak evening. They were joined by fellow tablers from Cradock and patrons from Bedford.
A small auction of world cup rugby ties, two framed sets, one of 6 world cups and one of seven world cups were held. A big thank you to Collin Newman from Gauteng of Roma ties, who donated the ties. Also to Francois van Coppenhagen of Adelaide and Bedford Paint and Hardware, who framed the ties as a donation to Round Table.
The auction Netted R4300.00 which was donated to Bedford Retirement Village at the Nomination of the Bedford Club. The cheque was handed over to Mrs Jean Stevens, chairlady of the Village. She mentioned that the money was well needed and would be put to very good use.

deur A.N. Venter
Met die naderende feesseisoen moet motoriste en veral besoekers aan ons kontrei kennis neem van die uiters swak toestand van die paaie in ons omgewing.
‘n Besoek aan Cradock die afgelope Dinsdag het aan die lig gebring presies hoe onveilig meeste van ons bedieningsgebied se paaie veral vir onervare motorbestuurders en jaagduiwels is.
Die R63 tussen Bedford en die Cradock-afrit is so gehawend dat dit plek-plek meer lyk na ‘n roete vir viertrekvoertuie. Die N10 tussen Kookhuis en Cradock is ook voos gery deur swaar voertuie wat hierdie roete tussen die kus en die hoëveld gebruik. Motoriste wat op ‘n daaglikse grondslag die R63 tussen Alice en Fort Beaufort gebruik, mor tans oor die magdom kraters wat hul op hierdie pad moet trotseer. Ironies genoeg is dieselfde pad vanjaar teen meer as R20 miljoen opgradeer. Ten spyte daarvan dat die oorvloedige reën ‘n rol in die huidige toestand van ons paaie gespeel het, kan swak vakmanskap nie buite rekening gelaat word nie.
Alhoewel ons almal die konsep van werkskepping steun kan ons met reg vra of die gebruik van opkomende kontrakteurs, veral by die konstruksie van paaie nie bietjie van ‘n waagstuk is nie. So baie mense se lewens hang tog immers daarvan af.

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