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October 2017
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Issued by: Dacre Haddon (MPL)
DA Member of the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature.
There is a dire need to improve economic conditions of citizens in the Cacadu area.
It was noted at the Parliament to the People in Humansdorp, the large attendance of the community members at the event. Unfortunately many of these folk are unemployed and lamented about the dire lack of work opportunities in their areas.
It is concerning to note how no mention has been made of any Local Economic Development in the report of Local Government presented to the Legislature on Wednesday. This is a serious omission and begs the question whether Cacadu District municipality and sister municipalities are committed to creating sustained economic development and job creation in their area.
Furthermore, I will in my speech to the Legislature today be urging the community to keep the municipal officials in check by providing ongoing information and assistance to communities to lever job opportunities in their areas.
In addition I will be highlighting the need for huge improvement in municipal governance before sustained job opportunities emerge. There must be investment confidence from investors and funders if we are to succeed in creating jobs and lifting the Cacadu community out of poverty.
On behalf of the Democratic Alliance, I will in addition be asking the portfolio committee of Local Government in the Legislature to include ongoing reports of economic opportunities every time the committee meets.
With severe unemployment rampant in this province every effort by everyone is required to seek out opportunities for all to access the dignity of employment. By neglecting this and not having job creation as the forefront of our municipal agendas, is a ticking bomb for anarchy in this province. This province cannot afford anger and violence that may arise through frustrated communities not being able to access jobs
It is time to get serious about job creation in Cacadu and get the Cacadu community back to work.

Saintjies, die Koedoe

“Op 25 Febuarie vanjaar het my verloofde, Jozef Els van een van die huurplase afgekom en dit het al sterk skemer begin raak toe hy die koedoekalfie alleen en verlate langs die draad sien staan,” vertel Jeanne Wink van Pearston. Sy sê die kalfie kon nie ouer as ‘n week gewees het nie en het nog haar naelstringetjie aangehad. Die kalfie is eers geblinddoek, aangesien dit spanning verminder, en daarna na haar ouers se plaas geneem. Tydens ‘n onlangse kort vakansie in Jeffreysbaai, is ‘n dagtog na Pearston onderneem. Daar is kennis gemaak met Saintjies, toe sowat 7 maande oud. “Ons het haar met ‘n bottel begin voer en baie aandag aan haar gegee,” vertel Jeanne. “Ná sowat drie weke in ‘n hok, het ons haar vrygelaat. Sy het dadelik met die honde begin speel en ook in die huis ingekom.” Goeie nuus vir Saintjies en haar vryheid, is dat Jeanne-hulle ‘n plaashuis op ‘n omheinde wildsplaas het. Die veiligheid van die huis in ‘n omheinde gebied is dus nou Saintjies se nuwe tuiste. Maar van veld toe draf is daar steeds nie sprake nie. Sy het dadelik tuis gevoel en slaap in die huis. “Maar Saintjies raak nou ouer en ons het die hekke vir haar oopgemaak sodat sy soos ander koedoes in die nag kan wei,” vertel Jeanne. Sy sê hulle het intussen ook drie hans-lammers gekry en koedoe-se-kind loop nou saam met hulle en wei. “Wanneer dit gereën het, blaas ek haar met ‘n haardroeër droog en sy is gaande daaroor,” sê Jeanne. Saintjies is ook baie lief vir aartappelskille, tamaties, advokadopere, brood en lemoene, maar ook vir enige ander lekkernye.

Hardus Botha.

(Dankie vir hierdie mooi positiewe storie Hardus. In die hedendaagse koerant- en joernalistiek-bedryf is alles net negatief, ‘n mooi storie soos hierdie is wat ons as koerantgroep graag publiseer. Red.)

Saintjies, die koedoekalfie

Hier lê Saintjies, die koedoekalfie, ewe tuis op ‘n bed saam met die Jack-Russell.

Krige and Hartley rally together in

support of Cradock youth

Former Springbok captain Corné Krige completed his maiden Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon in Cradock this past weekend and in the process raised R70 000 for schools in desperate need of financial support in the Cradock area.
Despite the drive only being in its first year Krige was delighted with the final outcome of his team’s efforts and has pledged his support to the campaign on an annual basis in years to come.
“It was only the first year that we ran this campaign and so to have raised what we did is fantastic,” said Krige. “It’s been so pleasing to see how everyone came on board and offered their support so generously.”
“It’s great to know that we’re able to help others, especially young children, with this money and to see those children’s faces will be amazing,” added.
Krige, who teamed up with his former high school friend Billy van Zyl and race committee chairman Pieter Marais in a K3 (three-seater kayak), admitted to being a little nervous going into the opening day of the two day spectacle.
Together with his relative lack of experience on a river he also had to over-come the difficult emotions the occasion brought back as he paddled with his late niece and nephew in mind whilst van Zyl, whose son drowned tragically six years ago, also had an emotional mountain to overcome going into the event.
The significance of the trio’s efforts to help other young children in need however soon took over and a near perfect adventure unfolded before them.
“We got our boat on Thursday afternoon so we hopped in and went for a very quick 30 minute paddle from Cradock Weir to the finish but other than that I had no idea what I was in for,” said Krige. “Fortunately we did quite well though and came through unscathed.”
“For both Billy (van Zyl) and I it was obviously quite an emotional and stressful time. It was particularly tough for Billy who lost a child to water six years ago and now had to conquer a bit of a fear and get back into water himself, so I was very glad to be there with him and try help through it all.”
“It was such a fantastic race to be part of all round though. I will definitely be back again next year and with it we’ll look to make the campaign an annual event,” he added.
The efforts by the former rugby star had already raised a significant amount towards what has become known as the Corné Krige Charity when it received a further boost when South Africa’s Olympic bronze medallist, Brigitte Hartley, generously donated one of her Olympic tops from the London Games for auctioning at Saturday’s prize giving with all proceeds going towards the drive as well.
Charity, especially the support of young children, is something particularly close to Hartley’s heart and the paddling sensation was thrilled to be able to support Krige’s campaign.
“I have quite a soft spot for charity and I’ve always hoped that my efforts and achievements when I paddle will help inspire people to achieve whatever they set out to. If there are however other ways that I can try use my name or achievements to help those in need out then I love to help and this was definitely one of those times,” said Hartley.
“I’d try to help out as much as I could with selling stickers and a couple other odds and ends but with trying to prepare for my first river race since 2008 it was quite tough. So, I thought giving one of my Olympic tops to be auctioned would be a small way in which I could try help a little more,” she added.
Despite economic times being tough around the world the item’s popularity was soon clear for all to see as bidders battled it out for the coveted item.
“When I heard the opening price was R1 000 I thought there was no ways it would even be sold at all. Then as people started bidding and the price went up and up I just stood there with my mouth open. I couldn’t believe it!” said Hartley.
The item was finally sold to Port Elizabeth based Paul Lynch, himself a man who has a close tie to the support of children having been heavily involved in sport at a youth level for many years.
“I’ve been involved in the junior section of the local lifesaving club for years and was part of the nippers before that. I also spent many years as a mini hockey coach,” explained Lynch.
“This year’s Hansa Fish was my fourth Fish but this time I had the privilege of paddling with my sixteen year old daughter in her first Fish and after just spent the past three months of training hard with her I really can appreciate just how incredible it is to be able to do something like that with your child.”
“I’m also fortunate enough to be in a position where I can afford to do things like [bid in the auction] and so it was fantastic to be able top off what had been a great weekend on the water by doing something like this,” he added.
Knowing his curiosity with auctions Lynch had been discouraged by those close to him however his final bid of R25000 was ultimately successful and he now plans to enable his fellow paddlers to view the item before finding a special spot for it in his own home.
“I’m just a sucker for auctions. Being in the wool industry I go to auctions on almost a weekly basis so when it was announced at prize giving my wife immediately turned to me and said “No!”,” chuckled Lynch.
“It will probably go on loan to Bluewater Canoe Club, my local club, for a little while where every-one can then get the opportunity to have a look at it and be part of it,” he added.
More information can be found at
Former Springbok captain, Corné Krige (back) heads down double trouble on day one of his Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon with race committee chairman Pieter Marais and former high school friend Billy van Zyl.
Jetline Action Photo/Gameplan Media
Port Elizabeth paddler Paul Lynch (left), together with Olympic bronze medallist, Brigitte Hartley, and former Springbok captain Cornch (left), together with Olympic bronze medallist, Brigitte Hartley, and former Springbok captain Corné Krige, is all smiles after his bid of R25,000 for one of Hartley’s Olympic tops was successful.
Jetline Action Photo/Gameplan Media
Len Jenkins emerges from Marlow chute just ahead of Grant van der Walt en route to his sixth win in the 2012 Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon. Jetline Action Photo/Gameplan Media

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