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October 2017
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SA flag schematic with plants and solar panels





1. What is The Giant Flag?

In spirit, the Giant Flag is a multi-dimensional project that includes the three spheres of government – national, provincial and local. It has come into being by bringing together several streams of environmental, social and economic activity under one enterprise. Physically, this enterprise will comprise a conference and tourism precinct and a 4 megawatt solar panel field. But most importantly, the Giant Flag is a 66 hectare South African flag made up of 2.5 million coloured desert plants (cacti and spekboom) that will be viewable from space. Set in the Karoo in the Eastern Cape, it will generate a socio-economic shift so effective that it will change the course of the communities that surround it, forever.

2. Where is The Giant Flag?

The Giant Flag will be established on municipal commonage of the Camdeboo Municipality, which comprises the three Karoo towns of Graaff-Reinet, Aberdeen and Nieu-Bethesda.

3. What is the Giant Flag’s purpose?

The Giant Flag’s purpose is to create a cycle of socio-economic development that addresses the challenges espoused in the National Development Plan. All jobs linked to the Giant Flag (either through direct employment, SMME incubation or contract) will be considered ‘green collar’. All public tenders will favour Camdeboo citizens and companies as a priority, extending to the broader Eastern Cape.

4. When did the Giant Flag come into being?

During the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, the people at FCB South Africa were inspired by the way in which South Africans rose up to play host to the world, united by their flag. After the soccer tourists went home, they sought a way in which the spirit of that unity could live on, and do good in the country. Guy Lieberman, an employee, was requested by the CEO to come up with a legacy project related to the South African flag. With FCB committing to long term support, Lieberman conceived of the Giant Flag idea, and continued to work endlessly, with white-hot passion and drive, to connect, lobby and fund-raise for his brainchild.

5. Why Camdeboo Municipality?

Camdeboo Municipality has one of the worst income disparities in South Africa. Its people are racially and economically divided, reflecting the state of our nation. Unemployment is close to 40%, but is exacerbated by the associated social problems of poverty, food insecurity, and youth and women unemployment. It’s a semi-arid area, so practicing agriculture is difficult. There is also limited other economic activity, with the exception of a developing tourism industry and there is limited economic infrastructure in the form of renewable energy, civil works, conference facilities as well as very little entrepreneurial activity.

6. What are the critical deliverables of the Giant Flag project?

Deliverables of the Giant Flag project include:
• Reducing poverty and inequality, raising employment and investment
• Ensuring household food and nutrition security
• Broadening social cohesion and unity, while redress ing the inequities of the past
• Boosting private investment in labour intensive areas, competitive and exports, with adjustments to lower the risks of hiring younger workers
• Strengthening youth service programmes, and introduce new community based programmes to offer young people life skills training, entrepreneurship training and opportunities to participate in community development programmes
•Facilitating timely intervention to ensure environmental sustainability and resilience to future shocks

7. How is the Giant Flag structured?

The Giant Flag Trust (IT 61/2012) has been formed to oversee the running of the Giant Flag. Profits from its activities will be fed into an endowment fund, the express purpose of which will be to generate further opportunities in the innovation, green and social sectors in the Camdeboo and Karoo through microloans and skills development. There will also be an education fund to upgrade the school system and provide tertiary education bursaries for the top students.

These are the trustees of the Giant Flag Trust:

• Guy Lieberman, Giant Flag Founder & Trustee
• Jimmy Joubert, Giant Flag Trustee and Treasurer:
• Samantha Jankovich, Trustee and Local Coordinator:
• Derek Light, Trustee and Legal Counsel:
• Moyikwa Sisulu, Trustee and Special Advisor: (continues on page 3)





Na twee jaar se gesukkel en veral die laaste drie maande, het die DA Raadslid Engela Kruger, Wyk 8 Middleburg – Dorp, besluit GENOEG IS GENOEG! Tuine word opgevreet en motor-ongelukke vind gereeld plaas. Met ‘n vergadering wat gehou is op Donderdag 23 Oktober in samewerking, en gelei is deur die Madafa Boere asook die LED Middelburg , SAPS Luitenant Bennie Kitching , Die Belasting-betalersforum en Die Sakekamer is daar na vele besprekings besluit:
1. Die Meentgronde is oorbewei en daar is geen kos vir die diere – so ander weiding sal vir die diere gekry moet word.
Die gronde kan dan ook eers rus en die infrastruktuur sal weer herstel word voor die diere terug kom.
Getalle sal gekontroleer word met huurkontrakte in plek.
2. Die metaalopkopers het gemaak dat drade en spare van die meent-gronde afgesteel word al span die IYM dit gereeld toe.
3. Vandalisme op die meentgronde gaan vasgevat word – Middelburg se hoof waterlyn word stukkend gekap krippe word verniel en ysterpale word afgesteel.
Die Veediefstaleenheid in Middelburg – Lt Bennie Kitching gaan hul samewerking gee en diere gaan deur hul geskut word met skriftelike waarskuwings en boetes. Die publiek word gevra dat Lt Kitching asseblief geskakel moet word indien daar enige losloperdiere in die dorp of op die N9 EN N10 gewaar word.
Sy selnommer is 0823199161


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