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October 2017
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Die afgelope ruk was hier ‘n paar veldbrande in die omgewing. Een was in die omgewing van Nooitgedacht en op die plase van Dave Turner, Jan-Pieter Blom en andere.
‘n Tweede brand het op die plaas Bedstead van Louis van der Merwe begin. Dit is onseker hoe die brand ontstaan het.
Die brand het verder versprei na Groothoek van Lukie Strydom. ‘n Deel van Willie Joubert se bergveld het in die slag gebly. Ander plase wat deurgeloop het, was Sewefontein, Geluk en Brandkraal.
Sover kon vasstel, is geen veeverliese gely nie. Baie skade is aan reservoirs, groen tenks en plastiese pype aangerig.
By Louis van der Merwe het ongeveer 500 hektaar in die slag gebly. Die meeste skade was by Lukie Strydom waar 1800 hektaar gebrand het.

25 – 27 OKTOBER 2012
Cradock Skou lok hierdie jaar wye belangstelling uit en behoort ‘n groot verrassing vir ‘n ieder en elk te wees. Die groot verskeidenheid stalletjies is reeds bykans ‘n maand gelede al vol bespreek.
‘n Nuutjie vanjaar is die SA Kaapse Boerperd Kampioenskap asook die Kaapland SA Vleismerino Kampioenskap wat beslis ‘n hoogtepunt sal wees. Al die ander afdelings, nl. Merino, Angora, Boerbok, Slaglam en Dorper behoort baie goed ondersteun te word. Mev. Ezelle Marais sal op ‘n later stadium ‘n volledige berig oor die Perde-afdeling in die koerant plaas.
Die Jeugskou gaan vanjaar uit sy nate bars en sal seker dubbeld so groot soos verlede jaar wees. Dit sal agter die lang skuur langs die rivier aangebied word.
Die grootte van die terrein blyk ‘n taai probleem te wees. ‘n Nuwe hek is by die kroeg ingesit om die stalletjiehouers in die lang skuur, toegang na die kroeg en perde-vertoners te akkommodeer. Daar word ‘n beroep op besoekers gedoen om die parkeerterrein naby die Frans Loots-brug te gebruik. Senior burgers wat moeilik beweeg, kan die Skoukantoor (048 – 881 2488) of Hendrik Opperman (0823255748) bel om julle vanaf die hoofhek in te help na die terrein.
Die skemerkelkie is Donderdagaand en die Skoudans Vrydagaand. Chris Britz sal die musiek tydens die twee geleenthede verskaf.
Die Cradock Landbougenootskap bedank al die borge, vertoners, werkers, stalletjiehouers en die publiek vir hulle ondersteuning in die verlede. Die borge is uiters positief oor vanjaar se skou. Daar word op die algemene publiek se ondersteuning staatgemaak.

Hank McGregor eyes Hansa Fish to erase

World Champs Disappointment

After being controversially dumped out of the defence of his world marathon championship title in Rome Hank McGregor is sizing up the SA K2 champs at the Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon in Cradock on 5 and 6 October as the ideal opportunity to erase the nightmare of his disqualification and win the one K1 title that has eluded him.
”I have come home with real mixed emotions and not much to show for all the hard work I put into my training,” said McGregor. “I am hugely disappointed. It is such an anti-climax. Thank goodness I have some-thing that I can channel my energies into to deal with that.”
”The Hansa Fish K1 title is the one major K1 title that I have not won and I would love to tick that box,” said the Team Best 4 Kayak Centre captain. “Len Jenkins owns the K1 race and even though I have caught him with K2 wins, I really want to bag the K1 title as well.”
Jenkins will be acutely aware of the danger posed by a Hank McGregor licking his wounds, and will also have to deal with the challenges of disqualification disappointment and recovering from the travel back from Europe to be in top form for the start on Friday morning at Grassridge dam.
”There is a real sense of unfinished business going into the Hansa Fish, which I think will make for a great race,” said McGregor.
”What happened in Rome I blame squarely on the course that was set up for the event. At least at the Fish there won’t be any disqualifications on the portages!” he chuckled.
”There is a lot of positive energy around to feed off,” he added. “Our little training group did really well. Grant van der Walt’s (gold) medal (in the U23 K1 race) was unbelievable and if you look back at the K1 and K2 races with Len (Jenkins), Jasper (Mocké) and Simon (van Gysen) and Grant (Van der Walt) and myself, we were all on the front bunches throughout. It is going to be great to race each other in Cradock!”
The controversial disqualification of McGregor and Jenkins from the K1 senior men’s race is still reverberating around the canoeing world, with howls of outrage over the apparently selective prosecution of the two South Africans and the refusal to consider apparently equally strong evidence on other paddlers at the front of the race.
”It is still going on, but it is something that I have to put behind me now and focus on something a lot more positive net weekend,” said McGregor.
”It is such a great event, with an unbelievable vibe and everyone seems so happy there, that it is just what we need right now,” he added.
The Hansa Fish takes place in Cradock on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 October 2012 and will decide the SA K1 River Championships. More information can be found at
Hank McGregor wants to erase the nightmare of the World Marathon Champs in Rome by winning his first K1 title in the Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon. Despite several wins in K2 races, Hank McGregor has never won a K1 Hansa Fish title. “It is one box I would love to tick,” says McGregor.
JonVellacott/Gameplan Media

Local stars carry hopes of Eastern
Cape into Hansa Fish
With another massive field converging on Cradock for this weekend’s Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon, local stars Greg Louw and Michéle Eray will be carrying the regions hopes of keeping the silverware in the Eastern Cape.
Louw, who was raised in the Cradock region and learnt to paddle on the Fish River, has been in superb form this season and has taken his paddling to a new level since his commitment to the national sprint squad where he quickly rose through the ranks of the Olympic aspirants competing in the new 200m K1 event.
”Things have gone well the past couple of weeks for me,” said Louw. “I’m definitely feeling a bit fitter after pre-Fish but I haven’t been on the river too much since then with varsity taking up a lot of my time. All the big guns are here in town and many of them have been out on the river so it should be a great race.”
”The Pre-Fish race went well for me, until I took a bit of a tumble at Cradock Weir which meant I finished third,” said Louw. “Pre-Fish is basically just a tripping opportunity though, it’s not a very serious race, so I was happy how things went for me there and the nice thing about swimming at Cradock Weir during pre-Fish is it just wakes you up a little bit before Fish and gets you ready for the big one.”
”If we could somehow get a local onto the podium in both the men’s and women’s race it would be absolutely amazing,” said Louw. “So much can happen on the river though and for it to be achieved in both races a lot would need to happen.”
”Having a look at the start list there are at least fifteen guys who will be right up there this year so it will definitely be a huge contest,” said Louw. “I think if you can make it through Keith’s safely and still be in the mix after that then you’ll be in with a shout because not a lot changes after that.”
”For once I’m actually looking forward to the flats later on in the race a whole lot more this year,” he added. “I’m a lot fitter this year than I have been the past few years and I enjoy riding wave so I’ll definitely make sure I try get to the flats with someone else and try work our way up together.”
Eray hit the headlines in 2010 when she won the women’s K2 race with Robyn Kime, making her the first Eastern Cape local to win the coveted Fish title since the legendary late Daniel Conradie in 1997.
”This is our major, our big one, and to be sure we would love to keep the title in the Eastern Cape,” said Eray, who has just returned from a successful showing at the world marathon championships in Rome, where she finished 9th in the K1 race and 4th in the women’s K2 race with Kime.
However she is only beginning her comeback from a debilitating wrist injury that sidelined her for 18 months.
”I haven’t paddled on a river like this for a long time and my plan is to try and stay upright for the entire race!” she said.
She also said the women’s race was easily the most competitive line-up that she has taken part in. “It has never been this competitive. It is unbelievably good for women’s paddling to have so many girls going so well. Robyn Kime is really on form, and you have to watch out for Jen Theron as well.”
She added that two factors will count in the first stage of the women’s race on Friday – endurance over the long 49km stage and the gains to be had from shooting the notorious Keith’s Flyover 10km into the race, an obstacle normally portaged by the top women.
”It is a long way on the first day,” said Eray. “I don’t think anyone has done the miles for 49km so it is going to be tough at the end of day one.”
”Normally there isn’t a lot to be gained in the women’s race by shooting Keith’s Flyover but this year things might change because it is so tight. I am not committing now, I will make up my mind on the day,” she added.
The Hansa Fish takes place in Cradock on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 October 2012 and will decide the SA K1 River Championships. More information can be found at

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