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October 2017
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‘n Hele aantal boerbokke is tydens die onlangse Somerset-Oos Landbouskou deur bekende telers geskou. Jac Jordaan, Grootvlakte Swaershoek, se boerbokram is aangewys as die skou se Jnr sowel as Grootkampioen. Op bostaande foto verskyn van links Dirk Lötter (beoordelaar), Jac Jordaan en Moses, wat die ram hanteer het.




Die 125 ste sitting van die Ring van Albanie het plaasgevind op Sondag, 16 September en Maandag, 17 September by die NG Kerk Fort Beaufort. Dit was ’n geseënde vergadering en die Gemeente Fort Beaufort het die afgevaardigdes van die 9 gemeentes bederf met die heerlikste etes, verversings en ’n blommerangskikking in die kerksaal. Op die Ringkommissie is verkies Ds. Chris du Raan (Somerset-Oos) as Voorsitter van die Ringskommissie, Ds. Willie Schoeman (Alexandria) as addisionele lid, Ds. Riaan Steyn (Dias-gemeente) as Sinodale verteenwoordiger en Prop Santel Malan (Glen Lynden gemeente) as Ringskriba. Prop Santel Malan is aangestel vir die volgende 3 jaar as Ringskriba. Die Ring van Albanie verteenwoordig 9 gemeentes van die NG Kerk in die Oos-Kaap, te wete: Somerset – Oos, Pearston, Glen Lynden (Bedford), Adelaide, Fort Beaufort, Albanie (Grahamstad), Paterson, Alexandria en Dias (Boesmansriviermond en Port-Alfred).

Cradock gets set to host SA K1
champs at Hansa Fish
The 31st edition of the Hansa Fish Canoe Marathon in Cradock on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 October will extend the race’s run as the most popular event to host the national river marathon championships title decider. The event this year will host the SA K1 river championships, the 18th time in 28 years since the first national river champs was awarded to the race in 1984 that Canoeing South Africa has decided that the Hansa Fish is the best and fairest event to host the prestigious national river title decider.
For several years the race has been the most popular choice for paddlers, often eclipsing The Unlimited Dusi for entries, and drawing its participants equally from the Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, with Cradock being equidistant almost to the kilometre between Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.
The success of the Hansa Fish lies in a unique blend of guaranteed water releases, exciting rapids and weirs on the river, warm Klein Karoo hospitality and the festive vibe off the water.
On the water the country’s top marathoners have committed to being on the start line, with several of the big guns, including world champ Hank McGregor and four times Hansa Fish K1 champion Len Jenkins jetting back from the marathon worlds in Rome two weeks before the race.
Eastern Cape canoeing supporters are also excited about the prospect of Plett Golden Girl Michéle Eray making her return to the race after being laid low last year by a crippling wrist injury.
This year the Hansa Fish will wrap up with another of its hugely popular music concerts at the Sports Fields in Cradock, this year featuring Ashtray Electric and Lonehill Estate on the Friday night and chart-toppers GoodLuck and Pascal and Pearce on the Saturday night, offering locals a chance to let their hair down with the thousands of paddlers and seconds in town for the weekend. “The Hansa Fish is the country’s premier canoe marathon,” said Riaan van Jaarsveld, SA Breweries Events Manager in the Eastern Cape. “More than that it has all the special ingredients that make it a truly unique ‘total experience’ where the visitors to Cradock can enjoy the warmth of the local hospitality, race hard, and really enjoy them-selves off the water,” he added.
The event enjoys massive support from university students and Under 23 paddlers, who enthusiastically support the annual themed competition, offering a prize of the paddlers weight in Hansa Pilsener for the crew adjudged to be best dressed to this year’s theme “Pimp Me Viking”. The Hansa Fish takes place in Cradock on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 October 2012 and will decide the SA K1 River Championships.

Undefeated K1 champion Len Jenkins will be back to try and retain his title at the 2012 Hansa Fish, and in the process clinch the SA K1 title.

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