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October 2017
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Issued by: Edmund van Vuuren (MPL Shadow MEC for Education
The Eastern Cape Education Department could potentially cut 11 287 teaching posts from the system for the 2013 school year.
This is due to a shortfall of R3.42 billion to fund the 64 752 teaching posts currently budgeted for in 2012.
This information was presented to the legislature’s Education Committee by Superintendent General Mthunywa Ngonzo this week.
Besides Provincial Treasury’s planned 1% cut in budgets for all Departments in 2013/14, the Education Department also faces a R1.6 billion penalty from National Treasury for not implementing Collective Agreement 2 of 2003 between unions and government.
The agreement stated that teachers who are in excess at schools need to be relocated to schools with teacher shortages. This number currently stands at 5343 staff from principal to teacher level.
Unions have recklessly opposed the assigning of teachers to schools that need them most. The Department has failed to transfer teachers to these schools but also to rationalize small, non-viable schools.
The cutting of 11 287 teaching posts in 2013 is likely to force schools into a dog fight about whose teachers should be cut from the system. It is unclear how the Department will fund these severance packages. The future of 4402 temporary teachers currently employed is also bleak if these cuts are made.
We now have a situation where some schools have too many teachers, others have shortages, and the skills to teach core subjects like maths and languages are insufficient in a system that can’t afford to absorb more teachers.
The principle must be that children can’t suffer from this crisis.
For that reason, the DA’s position is that all 64 752 teaching posts budgeted for in 2012 must remain in 2013 and that no teachers must be cut from the system.
The DA wrote to Education MEC Mandla Makhupula yesterday (subs: Thurs, 20 Sept) urging him to negotiate a bailout package from National Treasury to fund this.
The bailout is the only way to ensure that the Department starts on a clean slate for the 2013/14 financial year.
In return, the Department must spread the additional teachers in the system to schools that need them. They must also fast-track the rationalizing of small, non-viable schools.
A key condition of this bailout package must be for the Department to apply strict financial management and develop a turnaround plan to comply with Auditor General recommendations.
If these steps are not taken now, the education crisis in the Eastern Cape will only worsen with the greatest impact being felt by our children.

Corné Krige to paddle 2012

Hansa Fish for Eastern Cape children

Former Springbok rugby captain Corné Krige has thrown his weight behind the Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon’s annual support of local charities by pledging his commitment to the race in an effort to raise funds for local underprivileged school children.
Despite being better known for his efforts on the rugby field, having earned 39 caps in the green and gold, Krige is also a surfski enthusiast and is looking forward to teaming up with long-time school friend and Cradock resident Billy van Zyl and Hansa Fish race organiser Pieter Marais in a K3 (three-seater kayak) as the trio look to complete the 84km journey.
“It’s obviously very exciting,” said Krige. “I live very close to the sea in Melkbosstrand in Cape Town so I have my own surfski but I use that mainly for recreation and a bit of exercise so this is something very different to anything I’m used to.”
“A couple of years ago I was invited to do the Breede and I really enjoyed that but I’ve never done anything like this before and I certainly haven’t sat in a boat for anywhere near five hours, which I’m told is how long we’re aiming to take on the first day, at any one time so it’s definitely going to be interesting.”
“I’m busy preparing for next year’s ABSA Cape Epic so I’ve been spending all my time training on the bike and none in the boat so I definitely haven’t trained enough for it but hopefully I can sit in the middle of the K3 and let the others pull me along,” he chuckled.
Having spent their time at Paarl Boys’ High School together Krige and van Zyl have been good friends for some time so when van Zyl suggested the idea and at the same they would be able to support children in need, a passion of Krige’s, it didn’t take long for planning to commence.
“I’ve known Billy (van Zyl) for years and he has been trying to get me to do Fish for a little while now,” explained Krige. “Then I was in PE a little while ago when De Wet Barry went through a bad time with the loss of his child and Billy was there to,” said Krige.
“Again he mentioned the Fish and I have a couple of friends who have done the race a few times and really enjoyed it so I gave it some thought.”
“I’m always keen to try help out, especially with kids, so when Billy phoned back a couple weeks later and explained the charity side of things and that we’d be able to donate the money not only to one charity but to lots of different charities, all involving children, I was very excited,” he added.
Besides their decades-old friendship, Krige and van Zyl have developed a unique connection and understanding of one another in recent years after both have had to overcome one of life’s most difficult traumas.
In 2009 Krige tragically lost both his four and one-year-old niece and nephew in a freak accident on his sister-in-law’s farm in 2009 whilst van Zyl himself had to deal with heartache and pain of losing a child of his own when his young son heartbreakingly drowned in a swimming pool a few years ago.
It is this understanding and bond that these two good friends share that is the primary driving force behind their Hansa Fish initiative and their passion to help other young children in need that they hope will rub off on others they come into contact with.
For the Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon, renowned for the work it does for the small Eastern Cape town of Cradock, this is yet another example of the remarkable impact the race has had on the region and again enforces just why it is regarded as more than just a paddling race by so many.
“The ability to give back to the community is extremely important to us at the Hansa Fish and to be able to get involved in what Billy (van Zyl) and Corné (Krige) are out to achieve is very special for us,” said Marais.
“We place a huge emphasis on ensuring every cent raised, over and above the costs of the race, goes back into the community and that can be seen by the fact that we are able to support the Cradock Cansa Care Centre, SPCA and Old Age Home all through the charity batch, the Round Table manages the bar, local churches have food stalls during the event and schools are involved as well,” he added.
With the cameras in hot pursuit and all eyes closely watching the trio’s progress throughout the two day spectacle Marais is all too aware the heat will be on, particularly for himself and van Zyl who are old hands on the river, come 5 and 6 October.
“It has put quite a bit of pressure on Billy (van Zyl) and I to perform and not to make any mistakes,” chuckled Marais. “It’s just fantastic to have a personality as big as Corné (Krige) come take part in our event though.”
“Everyone involved in the race is really excited to have him with us and it will be really fun to be able to do the race with such a good sportsman and for such a good cause.”
The Hansa Fish takes place in Cradock on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 October 2012 and will decide the SA K1 River Championships. More information can be found at
Former Springbok rugby captain, Corné Krige, will have a rare and unique opportunity to be part of a cause very close to his heart when he looks to raise money for underprivileged school children in the Eastern Cape by taking part in this year’s Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon.
John Hishin/Gameplan Media

Koedoes wat buite Seisoen gejag word
Die volgende vrae:
  • Wat is die prosedure en hoe moet die ondersoek gelei word, indien ‘n persoon op heterdaad betrap word, sodat die skuldige in ‘n hof verskyn en skuldig bevind kan word?
  • Wat staan die klaer te doen om so ‘n saak suksesvol te laat ondersoek?
  • Die publiek sal graag ook wil weet dat indien so ‘n saak buite die hof geskik word of enige ooreenkomste aangegaan op die aangeklaagde se rekord geplaas word?
  • Verder sal die publiek ook graag ‘n verduideliking wil hê van die vuurwapenwet aangaande die jag met ‘n vuurwapen anders as jou eie en nie op jou naam geregistreer nie?
  • Kan die betrokke wetstoepassers miskien lig werp op hierdie onderwerp?

Crime Stats Murder shocker for
Eastern Cape
Issued by: Bobby Stevenson (MPL)
DA Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature Leader and Spokesperson on Safety and Security
The fact that the Eastern Cape continues to have the highest murder ratio in the country at 48 murders per 100 000 of the population is a huge shock. Just last night another brutal murder took place in our province where a prominent elderly Kei Mouth resident was killed. Gauteng by comparison has a murder ratio of 26.6 per 100 000. Sadly the number of reported murders in the Eastern Cape has increased by 97 – or 2.8% — over the past year. Our province remains far too violent.
The second biggest shock is the high increase in robberies at non-residential premises which has increased by 31%. This means businesses are under siege from the criminal element and this ultimately impacts on their viability and on jobs. Robbery at residential premises has also increased by 12%. Car hijackings are up by 22%. These three crimes in particular strike fear into the hearts of people and need to be brought down as a matter of urgency.
A further concern is robbery with aggravated circumstances which is up by 7% and the dramatic spike in kidnapping by 27%.
There has been an increase in 13 crime categories in the Eastern Cape and a decrease in 16 categories. The general trend of a number of crime categories coming down is welcomed but crime levels are far too high. Unless we embrace world class policing tactics we will never reduce crime to acceptable levels in our society. Coupled to that we need to have a world class provincial government administration so we can create the right environment for massive job creation.
There are numerous dedicated members of the SAPS who go the extra mile to reduce crime, sometimes at the cost of their lives. We remember them and salute their efforts.

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